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Mp4Gain is like Mp3Gain 10 years later…
June 1st, 2014 Mp4Gain is like Mp3Gain 10 years later…

Mp4Gain is like Mp3Gain 10 years later…

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Mp4Gain , the future is now
November 30th, 2013 Mp4Gain , the future is now

Mp4Gain , the future is now
Years ago, when we listened to our LongPlay vinyl records, sitting almost religiously watching the covers and interiors of our records we never imagined that one day we could have so many songs in our computer.
Nor do we imagine that we would be able to transfer to a digital format , much less , we imagine that this step of the analog to digital was going to cause a headache .
The headache is easy aber today and where it originated : was the encoder we use to make our music was not the same one used by others. Everyone use different encoders WAV to MP3 and also , I use different settings . Ie with a different bitrate and samplerate different , which originated in chaos. No sound the same , did not have the same volume level and therefore we had to manually move the volume knob reprouctor our digital music with each new song.
Indeed, even today we continue on the same problem . We continue with our music convirtindo essentially different encoders with different settings , we therefore we making the problem worse , the volume levels of our music does not match at all and THAT makes us suffer.
Well, we have briefly discussed the problem, now we need to note the solution.
Sure , we could save text and simply point out that the solution is Mp4Gain .
But explain not only what it does, which is basically equal the volume of our digital music and our videos ( in the most popular formats), but to explain why it works so well.
And it works so well, so efficiently, that analyzes and optimizes each of the millions of frames that make up a digital file. No measures the overall volume of a song or video, but does so in each of the millions of frames of this song or video and makes every frame obtained, at each frequency , the best possible level of volume.
By this sounds each instrument and each voice is like to be treated individually . Even after normalize the file , are more notorious instruments that went unnoticed.
All estoocurre thanks to modern mathematical algorithms, mathematical curves and dynamic , which can process, separate , distinguish and optimize digital audio as only Mp4Gain can.
You can download and try it on your Mp4Gain computaora with its own file, then decide adquirilo for a very low price when compared to the thousands of dollars they cost compressors, limiters, exciters and other equipment that achieve similar results in large recording studios , FM transmitters and television broadcasters.
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Mp4Gain is the next generation of Mp3Gain?
November 27th, 2013 Mp4Gain is the next generation of Mp3Gain?

Mp4Gain is the next generation of Mp3Gain?
Well, you could say something similar. Mp4Gain really represents a leap, a huge leap into the future, it is able to normalize audio from multiple audio and video alike. Mp3Gain something big was in his time, as it is now reaching Mp4Gin where nobody thought he reached podi and besides, it does in a way that was previously unimaginable. We are the developers of Mp3Gain PRO and we have exceeded that level by offering this new product: Mp4Gain. New, first by offering the possibility, never before seen, to normalize the volume level of both the audio from videos as different formats of music, we would say that the most popular, such as mp3, flac, ogg, m4a, etc.. But also in the new system it uses to normalize audio with results never before achieved.
Mp4Gin achieves results that are entirely to a new level, in line with the new technology that is much more faithful and you need much higher quality. So we have added as the final elements Equalization and the ability to change the tempo without affecting the pitch and vice versa.
On one hand, it is perfectly useful for Mp4Gain normalize the volume level of audio video in most popular formats. The other is able to normalize the volume and gain on audio files in popular formats that is all in one application.
The normalization is not based on peaks, but follows a completely new, according to the time and the high quality of existing players for today, both in software and in hardeware paradigm, all very 2013 to 2014.
Mp4Gain works on Windows, from XP to Windows 8 without problems.
Also you can download and try the upgrade and once you buy it, the username and password for abriri the program, so do not run for a trial period but without time constraints insert. It is what is known as trialware or shareware.
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Video Gain – Normalize audio video or videogain
June 20th, 2017 Video Gain – Normalize audio video or videogain

Video Gain – Normalize audio video or videogain
At first it was the boom of mp3s and everyone was exchanging mp3s.
Nobody started to think that getting so many mp3s from different sources would generate a difference in volume between them.
But it happened …
Then came the first audio normalizers, very rudimentary and with naive ideas, like searching for the volume peak of each mp3 and then amplifying all the mp3 so that those peaks reached the maximum possible audible without distortion.
It soon became apparent that it was not an adequate solution. Rep0layGain then offered a more intelligent solution: based on perception and not just on volume peaks.

The success of mp3gain
And then a small program aàrecio: mp3gain. Everyone released it and it was almost standard for several years.
But then emerged new audio formats more efficient than the heyday of youtube, there arose the need to match the volume of the videos, something like a video gain. A program that could take a flv, mp4, avi, etc and could normalize its audio volume. Something that would make the volume of our videos do not have great differences.
Mp4Gain was the next step. And it was also a boom.

A video and audio converter
Now the version Mp4Gain 2017 offers even more power and offers to be an audio converter and a video converter. That is, simultaneously to normalize the volume of audio or video files, Mp4Gain can convert them into other formats. For example, I take an mp4 file and convert it into an mp3 with normalized audio volume.
Or I take a flv u make it into a normalized avi or vice versa.
This works with a huge variety of audio and video formats.
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Youtube to mp4 download – Youtube to mp4 converter
May 21st, 2016 Youtube to mp4 download – Youtube to mp4 converter

Youtube to mp4 download – Youtube to mp4 converter
Many times people want to convert a video and download it from Youtube to an mp4 file.
The problem is that many site ( not very trustly or you just forget wich website it was) offers similar services.
We, as trusted developers, because we develope Mp4Gain and M3Gain PRO, are just about release a very samll, simple and powerfull tool to download from Youtube To Mp4 or Convert from Youtube to Mp4 fast and easy, with a portable application (you don’t need to install nothing), and a 100% clean and free piece of software for you.
The official webpage in this same site is Youtube to Mp4 downloader
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Increase Mp4 Volume
Until recently it was very difficult or impossible to find software that normalize the volume of video in mp4 format.
Options existed almost exclusively to normalize audio files, basically MP3 format.
But think normalize the volume of video files, it was almost a dream, elusive.
Mp4Gain is the ideal answer to this need. If you necesiuta normalize the volume of a Mp4, he found the right program.
But it is not only there, there are many other video formats that can be normalized by the Mp4Gain and even many audio formats. In resuymen, almost all important and known audio and / or video formats, they can be normalized by the Mp4Gain, which is a very modern program (and very inexpensive, only $ 40 with upgrades for life!) And extremely efficient.
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With the quality of devices that we have today, is no longer sufficient normalization method offered by the audio normalizing a decade ago.
Once I considered sufficient to make a simple scan looking for the volume peaks, to amplify ALL that song by the same ratio. That is, if the peak volume was by 305 below the limit possible, then the entire song simply by 30 percent was amplified. True, it was ingenious, but very innocent and inefficient.
Seeking then calculate the loudness of the entire song and compare it with all the tracks that formed a CD. ID3 tag type is generated (which are not at all standard, that is, most players today olos ignore) and it was like automatically turn the volume knob.
Today we come to the time where you can perform complex and sophisticated frequency sweeps (practically isolating each instrument) in each frame, in order to modify differently the various sound within a song or video.
Not everything is amplified at the same ratio, every sound is treated separately, to achieve the proper normalization in 2016.
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Increase Mp3 Volume – Mp3 Volume Booster
The need to increase or enhance the volume of a volume file (mp3, mp3, mp2, flac, ogg, m4a, AAC, wav or ac3) is increasingly necessary as quew usually tend to have a volume level too different, because, above all, they have very different sources.
Some have obtained downloading them from the Internet, others have inefficient encoded with encoders, etc.
The result is always the same volume levels very different audio, which must be normalized to avoid having to handle the volume knob every new song.
This happens in all formats, for example mp3, mp3, mp2, flac, ogg, m4a, AAC, wav or ac3.
Mp4Gain is software that normalize to perfection these audio volume levels, driving the volume normalizing volumes of each audio file.
Mp4Gain also do this with video files of major formats, which you would have resolved the issue of uneven volume levels of both audio files and video files.
Today, a whole range of devices, which are used for playing audio and video, Mp4Gain is the solution that makes all your audio or video sound at the same volume level.

With Mp4Gain, it will be very easy for you to standardize your files one by one or in batches and ensure that all audio or video files have a level of optimum volume.
Why Mp4Gain analyzes each loa million frames that the file contains and also sweeps the frequencies, which offers normalization algorithm truly sophisticated and modern, suitable for reproduction in the most modern audio devices and video .
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Mp4Gain users video review
August 23rd, 2014 Mp4Gain users video review

This is a user review we just find (casually) on the web.
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Mp4Gain crack Mp4Gain keygen Mp4Gain full
June 2nd, 2014 Mp4Gain crack Mp4Gain keygen Mp4Gain full
Some users report us that cracked version or keygens are trojans.
That is the price of trusting in people that steals other peoples job!!
The price of the software is really low, its not to much asking for people to buy a legit copy of the software.

Also we will prosecute anyone that participates, in anyway, in piracy against our software.
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Mp3Gain: Mp4Gain – Mp3Gain Alternative 2014
June 1st, 2014 Mp3Gain: Mp4Gain – Mp3Gain Alternative 2014

Mp3Gain: Mp4Gain – Mp3Gain Alternative 2014

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Mp4Gain is the Mp3Gain of this century ?
November 30th, 2013 Mp4Gain is the Mp3Gain of this century ?

Mp4Gain is the Mp3Gain of this century ?
Mp4Gain is really something different , it works in a lot of audio and video formats . His internal algorithm has no relation with ReaplayGain , but has the option to apply ReplayGain if the person so desires .
But in reality its operation is very different, it is based on a post-2010 paradigm.
With hardware devices and software players we have today , with a previously unimaginable power , it was necessary to approach from another angle the process of normalizing audio , whether a song or a video.
In fact , adding the posibilidd to normalize audio from videos is a leap into the future . You stay ahead on how much to possibilities and options .
Today many people no longer collects mp3s, but uses the mp4 format for collecting favorite songs . Because it is able to play on a cell phone , a portable device in a tablet , a laptop, a desktop PC … then people have hechado hand mp4 to collect music or other kinds of videos.
The possibility of having storage media with capacities of terrabite very cheap indeed allow people to store thousands of music videos, with the classic problems of volume : each video sounds with different volume and one would like all sounded a loudness similar or homogeneous .
Mp4Gain can be used either to normalize mp3s, up to normalize all kinds of videos (the most popular formats like AVI, WMV, FLV, MP4, 3GP, etc.).
This goes hand in hand with other functions, like being able to apply EQ or modificr the tempo without affecting the pitch and vice versa.
That is, one can change the pitch of the video and the speed remains the same as the original, or you can change the BPM (Beats per minute) without changing pitch.
We could say that the Mp4Gain, is a real luxury, brought from the future, to be used today.
These are the formats that the software supports:
Video Formats:
mp4, flv, avi
mpeg, mpg
3gp, wmv.
Audio Formats:
mp3, mp2, flac
ogg, m4a, aac
wav, ac3.
That is talking about a:
mp3 normalizer, normalizer mp2, flac normalizer, normalizer ogg, m4a normalizer, normalizer aac, wav normalizer, normalizer ac3, mp4 normalizer, normalizer flv, avi normalizer, normalizer mpeg, mpg normalizer, normalizer 3gp, wmv normalizer.
mp3 volume booster, mp2 volume booster, flac volume booster, ogg volume booster, m4a volume booster, aac volume booster, wav volume booster, ac3 volume booster, mp4 volume booster, flv volume booster, avi volume booster, mpeg volume booster, mpg volume booster, 3gp volume booster, wmv volume booster.

Mp4Gain 2017 is the new version, very powerfull at the same price !
We have now released Mp4Gain 2017 at the same price as the previous version. In addition, if you buy Mp4Gain 2017 you receive FOR A SINGLE PAYMENT OF $ 40 USD BOTH PROGRAMS, the “standard” version and the 2017 version.
Mp4Gain is definitely the alternative for the mp3gain for this 2017.

Mp3Gain clipping
Mp4Gain does not produce clipping, like mp3gain clipping, because the new algorithm is much more powerful, modern and effective.
Mp4Gain offers, in addition to the new ultramodern mode of volume normalization, also the ReplayGain (enhanced for 2017) and all other gamma of functions like changing the pitch without modifying the tempo and vice versa.

Change BPM (Change tempo without affecting pitch)
This function is so powerful that it allows to achieve amazing changes. Also the possibility to equalize the songs, as well as convert between audio and video formats.
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Normalizing sound from your videos!
November 26th, 2013 Normalizing sound from your videos!

Normalizing sound from your videos
A bit of time back I understand the opportunity of normalizing the audio audio tracks. This helps to ensure that all seem in the very same degree. Soon after it is now possible to normalize other music formats as OGG, Flac, AAC, AC3 and MP3 and so on..
Normalizes mp3 from the video clips
Finally we now offer the ability to normalize the audio of the major video formats.
Also you should use the adio Mp4Gain to normalize your music or some other music formats (flac, ogg, m4a and aac and so on) but also you can very easily at some point improve or normalize the sound from your video tutorials.
Mp4Gain deals with this formats:
Mp3: FLAC, MP2, OGG, AAC, MP3, WAV and AC3 M4a
Video: AVI, MP4, MPG, 3GP, FLV and MPEG WMV
Obtain the test edition
And how to normalize is very simple, only need to push a control button and go. Your videos could have a typical mp3, sounding very clear, higher volume, and amplified sound greater. You may even equalize! As a result you can, merely, increasing the level of their video lessons and have all seem with the identical quantity. Obtain the demo model and see on your own how straightforward it can be to phone or increase the amount of their videos (also in his audio) and quer great is definitely the sound quality.
Mp4Gain enables you to equalize any seem or video
involving the taken care of formats, this with the purpose that one could give that particular contact or maybe might need some far better total audio quality. For instance, in aged tracks or video lessons is useful to offer them a bit of treble. In videos with surround seem, reduced midtones assist explain the sound, etc..
Modify PITCH
Mp4Gain enables you to modify the pitch
of video clip or music submit without the need of having an effect on play-back pace or beats a minute. You puedee down or up from halftone online video or song to more than an octave. This without having diminishing rate.
Mp4Gain enables you to alter the tempo,
ie the pace of the video or music, without one impacting the pitch or color in the video clip or tune. With the same tone, although this will make it sound faster or slower.
Mp4Gain has included the ReplayGain (optionally available).
Not too long ago the trouble even out quantity was approached from your viewpoint innovative. As opposed to modifying the sign amplitude were required to change the productivity level of every single indicate properly. Automatically and over a measurement made on all signs to play, although that is, what we do manually with the volume control. This process does not affect the audio signal, but adds information to the file so that the player knows which must reproduce the audio volume. This approach could be put into or Mp4Gain performing normalization may be deselected, the taste for each.
Mp4Gain gives the solution to apply Toned (optional)
that is certainly to get rid of the initial and final sound of any track.
Mp4Gain version the tags consist of your data files
significant music formats, including Ogg Vorbis, APE, ID3 ID3 V1 and V2, and so forth..

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mp3gain successor: mp4gain
The natural successor mp3gain normal becomes the mp4gain that not only is able to normalize the volume of digital music in multiple formats, but also matches the audio volume of all major video formats.
Mp4gain is, in this 2013, the application for leveling the volume, more modern, with better results and the only one that offers, as mentioned, to realize both digital audio formats like digital video in both formats their porincipales audio and video (m4a, mp3, flac, ogg, avi, mpeg, flv, mp4, etc.)
So in these times when people will look for a software equivalent of that famous mp3gain, mp4gain is the best option.
The software offers a range of options and benefits, as is to further equalize the audio, to add clarity and quality. You can also change the pitch and tempo independently of each other. That is, one can change the mood of a song, without affecting the speed of the song or GMPs, or vice versa, affect velocity maintaining the original pitch.
Mp4Gain has a whole range of options that you should try and meet, which will be very useful for better management of your collection of digital audio and video.
It is recommended to download the trial version to enjoy the features of the program and once the trial version has expired, you can purchase the softeware that actually has a very low cost compared with their results.
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Mp4Gain: User’s Review.
Lately we open the possibility for users to send us videos where they comment on their opinions about the program Mp4Gain and the normalization options that this offers and we have started to get more and more video containing these opinions users share. Even some pictures where users express their appreciation for the program.
For us developers is important and fruitful Mp4Gain their opinions and know that this software is achieving the needs that you expressed.
Here we let some of these videos:

Send your own video to:
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Mp3Gain 2017 alternative? Mp4Gain
Certainly, in more ways than one, the mp4gain is the natural heir of mp3gain.
First, because it is the logical tool that we will use if we normalize or equalize the volume of our music … or our videos in the case of Mp4Gain.
Also for the Mp4Gain supports many audio formats video yu to give all normalizer and a volume level and sound like.
But it is also the natural heir which has a more efficient algorithm in this 2013, where former normalizer and not enough.
Mp4Gain can, in addition, as already mentioned, not only the sound normalizer digital songs in its popular formats, but the audio of the video, also in its popular formats.
Inclusdo, adicionalmernte a very modern algorithm for noramalizer Mp4Gain volume, add the algorithm did famnoso to Mp3Gain which is the replay gain. Ea mean, who wants to can add this additional type of normalization to your sound files.
Although the software is selected by default this caractertistica, because we believe that the algorithm is suficientey Mp4Gain that people should rely more on what your ears hear, and not so much on numbers look even include Replay Gain so that sdabemos that many are adept at this procedure.
Download and enjoy the versionof Mp4Gain test, we know that end up loving it.
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Mp3Gain 2013 alternative for Mp3Gain: Mp4Gain
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Mp4Gain is the new Mp3Gain 10 years later
A few years ago, the theory of Replay Gain caused great reaction because at that time the method was extremely novel and even the concept.
Currently has already been somewhat obsolete, first because it is essential that Esten music players to read labels ahbilitados corrwespondientes the Replay Gain.
That is, if ustd simply record your CD or DVD with songs that have been standardized by the method of Replay Gain and plays on a normal tor audio playback, for example, your car, home, office, portable player, chances is that the player simply ignore the treatment the Replay Gain genre.
That is, the songs sound exactly how they sounded before being standardized by the replay gain, normalization will have been sterile.
On the other hand, the concept of trying to match the sound usually generates a low volume and does not give the best results in modern audio players.
Mp4Gain, in more than one sense, a decade later, the equivalent Mp3Gain, but improved, both in its ability to normalization (normalizes now 8 million frames per 3 minutes to about 24 or 48 frequencies) after that whole song is audibl, from start to finish and all audible to your most optimal volume.
On the other hand, something that can not be ignored, is that the Mp4Gain can normalize audio files from many formtaos (the most popular formats) and also, for the first time video, also from the most popular formats.
In a next article will explore more thoroughly the additional features offered Mp4Gain, which are many and very interesting.
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Mp4Gain: The next generation of audio normalizers 2013
The new generation of the liderea normalizers undoubtedly the Mp4Gain, as the only audio normalizer able to do all the things it offers Mp4 Gain
Audio Normalizer
Mp4Gain is the audio normalizer 2013-2014 by definition. With a completely innovative and efficiency never seen before. Achieve that song or video in perceived sounds, voices or instruments that almost went unnoticed before, the same tgiempo can maintain audio level perfectly audible throughout the song or video and also, gets all of his songs and all videos are audio level very similar, thus making them compatible.
Audio retoucher
Mp4Gain provides ample opportunities to tweak the audio.
On the one hand, allows you to change the pitch without affecting the speed or vice versa, change the speed without pitch afetcar at all.
It also offers the possibility of hacver bass booster or completely equalize vicdeo or digital song.
Allows you to change a single file or a batch of files, which is more comfortable for you.
No doubt it is a new experience appropriate to the time and audio needs now, with the technology we have. And of course, with the needs of you.
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Volume Boost in audio and video formats with Mp4Gain
The best way to get all the volume levels of your digital music files (flac, oog, m4a, aac, ac3, etc) or video (mp4, flv, 3gp, avi, mpeg, etc) have a level of consistent volume, both for the entire duration of the saw or the song, as compared to other audio or video is Mp4Gain.
The audio normalizers are not new, but if a normalizer can normalizert so many audio formats and can, something nobody else can do, normalizer video files … Mp4Gain only.
Also offers other functions Mp4Gain much needed and sought after as change the pitch without affecting the speed of the song, or vice versa, change the speed of the song without affecting the pitch absoiluto. With these options you can achieve interesting results.
Also can you equalize your files thus improving sound quality and even giving them a bass booster when deemed necessary, it is as simple as handling an equalizer bands in your car or at home. And the results are maginificos.
Mp4Gain is the result of evolution that has emerged in the last five years compared to d audio and video formats and sound quality and volume necessary to fully enjoy them.
Mp4Gain is in this 2013 software ahead of its era, far away from other standards bodies. Download you and corroborelo tiral version.
Mp4Gain is the essential tool for anyone with tens or hundreds of digital files of music or video in almost any format.
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Audio Booster – Video Normalizer – Mp3 NORMALIZER
Until very recently it was only possible to normalize mp3 files. Even the method of normalization used to be very rudimentary: in many cases simply were detected volume peaks of each mp3, were compared against the maximum possible and after that, all the mp3 was amplified by this factor.
That is, if it was observed that the maximum peak of an mp3 bear an increase of 10% before reaching the pñunto of distortion, was amplified throughout the mp3 for that 10 percent.
Very rudimentary? Yes, also gave very poor results.
Gradually it began to use the ingenuity (and mathematics) to try to improve and equalize the volume levels, the problem is that mediate the song as a whole and the factor applied global era: a single factor for the entire song.
Mp4Gain is 44 thousand times per second (each frame) and each of those frames taken every frequency (about 40 different frequencies), applies a different factor, thus resulting with a simply fantastic and very adequate. Perhaps one often has to give it a boost, while another frequency ue must attenuate slightly. Perhaps an instrument need to stand out more and other needs dimmed slightly …. is really a very detailed analysis, analyzing every word, every sound and every instrument to achieve a real effect of normalization efficient and modern, suitable to 2013.
In addition, is able to normalize Mp4Gain a large number of audio formats (the most popular) and a large number of video formats (the most popular), which no other normalizer dream of being able to perform and less, of doing so good.
These are the formats:
Video Formats:
mp4, flv, avi
mpeg, mpg
3gp, wmv
Audio Formats:
mp3, mp2, flac
ogg, m4a, aac
wav, ac3
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Volume Normalizer for FLV, AVI, MP4 and other formats
For a long time already asked us we developed a great audio normalizer (Mp3Gain PRO) if we had plans to develop one that would serve to Mp4.
And the truth is that if it is something that we had in our development roadmap in a while. It was a project that took quite some time and hours and hours of effort to keep adding formats, so that not only did the audio normnalize Mp4 format, but to other popular formats like flv, avi, mpeg, 3gp, etc..
In fact, the response has been excellent, the community really needed something, to finally normalize video, not just mp3s.
Basically we put the same features to boast our most powerful audio normalizer, such as modifying the pitch without affecting the speed and vice versa, but obviously this was more complicated that it was not only MP3 format, but we dive to normalize audio from various video formats.
Thank God, it’s something we’ve done with success and will continue to refine and develop, but the success has been tremendous and we are very grateful for that. Thank you.
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After several months of being launched, fortunately, we keep coming emails Mp4Gain satisfied customers.
B Mucvhos uscado had waiting for a long time to find any program that could normalize the volume of the main video formats, such as FLV, Mp4, Avi, Mpeg, etc., and so many audio formats.
Video Formats:
mp4, flv, avi
mpeg, mpg
3gp, wmv
Audio Formats:
mp3, mp2, flac
ogg, m4a, aac
wav, ac3
And satisfied customers tell us that there is no other program that does the same and unless he does so effectively a: normalize audio from many video formats and audio is BBOM now that ghente is dedicated to collecting videos and audio and facing the problem that most have differences in the volume that are very noticeable.
Mp4Gain is a step forward, a huge step in the treatment of niovel audio volume on songs or videos. Make volume booster, do volume leveling, volume enhence and music videos is something no other software is able to do and does it very well Mp4Gain.
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FLV Volume Normalizer – Volume Booster
Mp4Gain, as its name clearly indicates, normalizes volume Mp4 video files, but also normalizes many other audio and video.
These include the FLV, which is the default format that ultiliza Youtube and used a lot in recent times.
Many times are videos taken with personal cameras or even with modern phones, so many times the volume is not perfectly clear, crisp and must be corrected to normalize the volume and make it clearer.
FVL-Flash Video
The FLV video format is a variation of other formats, all frequently used for a progressive download via HTTP. This means that even if the video was not downloaded completely can be watching playback on Flash.
This has a drawback: they are usually used to reduce the quality settings to make downloading faster, sound is one of the things that I lose quality and therefore treat it with Mp4Gain to normalize the volume and step to improve the quality of using the equalizer and even give a bass boost, it is a good idea.
There is no other way to normalize the volume of flv to mp4 and using the new Mp4Gain, which becomes the ideal software for this time audiovisual we lived.
Mp4Gain can normalize a range of audio and video formats, including:
Video Formats:
mp4, flv, avi
mpeg, mpg
3gp, wmv
Audio Formats:
mp3, mp2, flac
ogg, m4a, aac
wav, ac3
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