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Mp4Gain is like Mp3Gain 10 years later...

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Mp4Gain: (Mp3Gain, Video Gain and much more...)
Normalizing audio from the videos! Video Gain (Mp4, Avi, etc)
Now it has become possible to normalize mp3 & other audio formats as Mp4, Flac, AAC, AC3, OGG, MP3, etc..
Some time ago we found the possibility of normalizing the mp3 audio files. This ensures that all sound at the same level, with the same loudness. Now it has become possible to normalize other audio formats as mp4,Flac, AAC, AC3, OGG, MP3, etc..
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Normalizes audio from your videos
Finally we now offer the ability to normalize the audio of the major video formats, doing video gain or video-audio gain.
Also you can use the adio Mp4Gain to normalize your mp3s or other audio formats (flac, ogg, aac, m4a, etc) but you can also easily eventually increase or normalize the audio from your videos. Like doing aac gain adjust, ogg gain, flac gain, ac3 gain, wmv gain, avi gain, video, gain adjust, increase mp4 volume, increaso video volume, increase ogg volume, increase flac volume, increase avi volume, etc.
Boost mp4 volume, boost flac volume, boost ogg volume, boost video volume, boost avi volue and more...
Mp4Gain handles this formats:

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And the way to normalize is very simple, just need to press a button and go. Your videos will have a standard audio, sounding clear, higher volume, and amplified sound better. You can even equalize! Thus you could, simply, increasing the volume of their videos and get all sound at the same volume. Download the trial version and see for yourself how easy it is to call or raise the volume of their videos (also in his music) and quer good is the sound quality.
You probably know the program called Mp3Gain, well Mp4Gain in fact a version which also gets normalize the volume level (such as Mp3Gain) but, unlike Mp3Gain, Mp4Gain-do normalize in many audio and video formats. Mp4Gain is like a Mp3Gain, but in the future, in this 2016..

Clients saying

picture "I'm currently DJ and I use much of MP4 and for me it was absolutely essential for these volumes normaliuzar finally discovered Mp4Gain and I could make all my videos volume is equal, which is indispensable for anyone who is serious about the video. "
-N Milano - Italy

picture "Long ago I was looking for a program that would allow me to adjust the volume of my videos. Inlcuso wanted to amplify the video of some conferences that are not listening hard enough and wanted my music videos have all standardized. Mp4Gain is also amazing that I can also normalize my music files in different formats, from mp3 to aac.
-H, M. France


picture Mp4Gain lets you equalize any sound or video
between the handled formats, this with the intention that you can give that special touch or just need some better overall sound quality. For example, in old recordings or videos is good to give them a touch of treble. In videos with surround sound, lower midtones help clarify the sound, etc..

Change Pitch
picture Mp4Gain allows you to change the pitch
of video or audio file without affecting playback speed or beats per minute. You puedee up or down from halftone video or song to more than an octave. All this without compromising speed.

Change Tempo
picture Mp4Gain lets you change the tempo,
ie the speed of a video or song, without them affecting the pitch or tone of the video or song. This will make it sound faster or slower, but with the same tone.

Replay Gain (like Mp3Gain)
picture Mp4Gain has incorporated the ReplayGain (optional).
A few years ago the problem even out volume was approached from a viewpoint ingenious. Instead of modifying the signal amplitude had to change the output volume of each signal adequately. That is, what we do manually with the volume control, but automatically and over a measurement made on all signs to play. This process does not affect the audio signal, but adds information to the file so that the player knows which must reproduce the audio volume. This option can be added to or Mp4Gain performing normalization can be deselected, the taste of each.
Mp3Gain the program was largely popularized the Replay Gain algorithm was known mostly through Mp3Gain for most people. In fact many people still looking Mp3Gain as synonymous with mp3 normalizer, although in our case, is a history of Mp3Gain but now its Mp4Gain, but 10 years later.

picture Mp4Gain offers the option to apply TRIM (optional)
that is to eliminate the initial and final sound of a song.

Tags (like Mp3Gain)
picture Mp4Gain copy the tags contain your files
major audio formats, such as Ogg Vorbis, APE, ID3 ID3 V1 and V2, etc..

picture Copyright © All Rights Reserved

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